Austrian masonry heaters, otherwise referred to as “Kachelofen” or “grundofen”, are wood burning heating systems known for their high operating efficiency, low emissions and deeply soothing radiant heat. No two masonry heaters are the same since they are each specifically designed and calculated and constructed to meet your homes unique aesthetics and heat requirements.

Masonry heaters burn a specific amount of wood once every 8-24 hours. The unit is calculated and designed to extract the highest amount of energy(heat) out of the wood and store as much as possible into the refractory material in which the heater is built from. After the fire has burnt down to only glowing ambers the air supply damper is shut closed and the heat is trapped inside and will start to slowly radiate out into the surrounding area.

Unlike conventional cast iron wood stoves which connect the chimney directly to the fire chamber, Austrian masonry heaters have several meters of channels (commonly known as heat exchange channels or flue gas channels) separating the fire chamber and chimney connection. This separation allows for maximum efficiency by removing the highest possible amount of heat from the flue gases and storing it into the refractory material before continuing into the chimney.

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Benefits of heating with a Masonry Heater:

-Individually designed, calculated and built.

-Involves no moving parts that produce noise.

-Extreme high efficiency, upwards of 80%

-Regulates air humidity levels.

-Requires little attention, one or two fires a day can heat for up to 24 hours.

-Wood burning is a renewable, CO2(Carbon Dioxide) neutral, form of heating.

-Wood heating is the cheapest form of heating.

-Safest wood burning heating system.

-Creates very little pollution when compared to other wood burning systems.

-Does not burn and re-circulate dust, good for people affected by asthma.

-Studies show radiant heat from masonry heaters help with arthritis and depression.

-Maintains a natural air ionization level unlike metal stoves which produce harmful positive ions.